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from Homeira Yaseri Really wonderful

Hi dear sir,
I am a new commer at better photo and photography too,when I saw what you have done,i told to myself mostly about your creativity which is really each photograph I have found good lessens to myself.And I wish u the best from the bottom of my heart and also I wish to be a photographer like u one day.And many thanks to betterphoto and u,to give this opportunity to learn more and more about photography along with lots of joys of watchin such nice and unique photos.May God Bless you. Previous Response:
from Hasmik Hatamian
on March 25, 2006
 Thanks Homeira, I looked for your gallery but couldn't find it. Do you have a gallery on BP?

Thanks again for stopping by. Please do visit again :-)

-Hasmik Previous Response:
from Homeira Yaseri
on April 12, 2006
 Dear Hasmik,

Actually I am a really new starter in photography and I have a free gallery in BF:
It will be my houner if u spend some times to visit it.
 Previous Response:
from Hasmik Hatamian
on May 27, 2006
 Dear Homeira,

I did look at your gallery. You do have some nice work on there.

Keep up the good work and keep shooting. If I can be of any assistance to you, let me know.

-Hasmik :-) Previous Response:
from Homeira Yaseri
on May 27, 2006
 Dear Hasmik,

Many tanks to your kindness and it is really my houner having this chance to use your photography sience nd exprirnce.Wish u the best from the bottom of my heart.
Homeira :X 

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