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Question   Hasmik
I viewed your beautiful and wonderful picture gallary, and they are just breathless. You have such a beautiful talent! Please continue to use your expertise on photographing, so that we can continue to enjoy them with you.

- Anna Padilla December 06, 2010

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Question   My Dearest Hasmik!
I am utterly amazed! Your creativity is truly a gift. I am looking forward to learning from you.

- LaFrance Toliver April 22, 2010

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Question   hiii

- Bianca Agakhan November 10, 2008

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Question   salam
salam site kheyli jalebiye va aksaye bahali.

- saeid mesrizadeh November 04, 2008

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Question   Hello...
Just waned to drop you a note ;)
Take care!

-  October 14, 2007

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Question   Hello :0)
Just wanted to comment on your excellent gallery...we are in Stock Photography Boot-camp course by Scott Stulberg...I am loving that class... you commented on one of my pics and wanted to journey through your world of photo's...Very Impressive...Have a laugh today...~Sharon Kelly...=0)

- Shari Kelly July 12, 2007

  Answer Dear Sharon,

Thanks for you kind comments. You have an amazing gallery yourself and do such a great job in class.
Sorry I have been a little quiet and inactive, I am extremely busy at the moment, but I will try to catch up.

- Hasmik Hatamian  July 28, 2007

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Question   The lovely photos on your site
You have displayed a very professional touch and a unique vision with the diversity of venues and subjects you display. The work shown on your site is very well organized and it proves that you are a solid talent.

-  August 13, 2006

  Answer Thank you Brad for stopping by and for your complements. Please do visit often as I will continue to update my website.

- Hasmik Hatamian  August 13, 2006

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Question   Photos
Hi Hasmik,

I really like your work. Do you do this full time? Do you live in the LA area?


- Nvard Khachatryan March 24, 2006

  Answer Thanks Nvard, I wish this was full time but currently it's just a hobby.
And yes I do live in the LA area. How did you guess :-)

- Hasmik Hatamian  March 25, 2006

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Question   Really wonderful
Hi dear sir,
I am a new commer at better photo and photography too,when I saw what you have done,i told to myself mostly about your creativity which is really wonderful.in each photograph I have found good lessens to myself.And I wish u the best from the bottom of my heart and also I wish to be a photographer like u one day.And many thanks to betterphoto and u,to give this opportunity to learn more and more about photography along with lots of joys of watchin such nice and unique photos.May God Bless you.

- Homeira Yaseri December 14, 2005

  Answer Thanks Homeira, I looked for your gallery but couldn't find it. Do you have a gallery on BP?

Thanks again for stopping by. Please do visit again :-)


- Hasmik Hatamian  March 25, 2006

  Answer Dear Hasmik,

Actually I am a really new starter in photography and I have a free gallery in BF:http://www.betterphoto.com/gallery/free/gallery.asp?memberID=143428
It will be my houner if u spend some times to visit it.

- Homeira Yaseri  April 12, 2006

  Answer Dear Homeira,

I did look at your gallery. You do have some nice work on there.

Keep up the good work and keep shooting. If I can be of any assistance to you, let me know.

-Hasmik :-)

- Hasmik Hatamian  May 27, 2006

  Answer Dear Hasmik,

Many tanks to your kindness and it is really my houner having this chance to use your photography sience nd exprirnce.Wish u the best from the bottom of my heart.
Homeira :X

- Homeira Yaseri  May 27, 2006

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Question   WoW oh WOW
Hi Hasmik!
As suggested on BP, I have taken the time to look at your unreal gallery.
Thank you so much for bringing my attention to all of the amazing images I have spent the last hour oooh'ing and aaahh'ing about.
You have really inspired me with your vision.
Excellent visual presentation.
Chat again soon

- Donna Roberts October 28, 2005

  Answer Thanks Donna, how have you been? Has been a while since I posted anything on here. Hope all is well with you and your family.

- Hasmik Hatamian  March 25, 2006

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Question   Great Stuff!
Superb work Hasmik! I especially liked the disney center series, and digitaly edited photos (cube above water, etc.) A professional indeed!

-  September 06, 2005

  Answer Thanks Mark, glad you could stop by :-)

- Hasmik Hatamian  September 06, 2005

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Question   my comment
I am proud of you dear hasmik

-  March 21, 2005

  Answer Thanks cousin :-) Glad you stopped by.

- Hasmik Hatamian  March 21, 2005

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Question   breathtaking!
Not only is the work beautiful it compels you to look at it again and again. Wish I could see the photos in real :-)

You dont need to be told that you are good. The work speaks for itself.

-  February 06, 2005

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Question   Impressive!
Not every architect is able to recognize magic of combination of
light structures and heavy, solid
Great combinations in the section
of Architecture.
And not only in that section...
good for you!

-  August 20, 2004

  Answer Thanks Gurgen for your kind words.
I am glad you stopped by. Please do visit more often. Though not very actively photographing lately, but I am trying to update my site regularly.

- Hasmik Hatamian  August 20, 2004

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Question   Wonderful!
Just wanted to tell you that I browsed your website for the first time and it is very impressive. I love your imaging but you already know that! We are home again.

-  February 22, 2004

  Answer I think I responded to this directly in an e-mail Penny. Nevertheless, thanks again and stay in touch. Hope all is well.

- Hasmik Hatamian  August 20, 2004

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Question   Lovely!
What terrific images - hard to believe you've only been at it for less than a year! I'll be back -


-  November 05, 2003

  Answer Thanks Margaret,
I am glad you stopped by. Please do come back as I will continue to add or update my photos on here.

- Hasmik Hatamian  November 05, 2003

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Question   Good work
Whether we are very young or very old, Life is filled with wounder and surprises. hope to see your work further. CHEER.........................

-  October 10, 2003

  Answer Thank you Emad for taking the time to drop me a note.
Please do visit my site often as I will continue updating and adding more photos.


- Hasmik Hatamian  October 15, 2003

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Question   Great Site
Hi Hasmik,
I just had the chance to look at your website! As usual, very artistic and creative!!! You have done a great job! You should feel proud! Keep up the great work!!!!
Dana Wiggins Chamma

- Dana D. Wiggins Thompson October 03, 2003

  Answer Thanks Dana,
Your website is great too. I look forward to another class with you.

- Hasmik Hatamian  October 04, 2003

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Question   Wow, this is wonderful Hasmik!
Truly one of the best sites out there for fantastic and majestic photography. Very artistic and dramatic expression of Life. I really enjoyed your work. Keep updating. Thanks.

-  September 25, 2003

  Answer Thank you David. I am glad you stopped by and took the time to write. Please do visit more often as I will continue updating and uploading new images.
Thanks again for your kind words.

- Hasmik Hatamian  September 25, 2003

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Question   Great job Hasmik!
One of the visitors of your site has by mistake, but rightfully called you "HAMIK" instead of "HASMIK". It is true no matter what you do, you add "hamik" (which in Armenian means "flavor") as well as "hasmik" (which is "jasmine" in Armenian). Continue your dispersing scents of jasmine and artful flavors in your own way that you see fit.

Congratulations and good luck.

-  September 23, 2003

  Answer WOW! Thank you Daniel. I am glad you stopped by. Please do visit more often, as I will continue to update and upload new photos.

- Hasmik Hatamian  September 23, 2003

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